Tender Documents

Tender documents – Consultant Finance

Consultant Finance will be responsible for providing support in matters related to the overall management and standardisation of processes related to finance of PM-JAY, compliance of guidelines and overall support to NHA and the state government.

Place of duty – National Health Authority, New Delhi

How to apply:

Please send your resume / detailed CV and cover letter to the email id – [email protected]

Subject line – Please mention in the subject line: Consultant Finance –Name – NHA

CV of the candidate must give details of the Qualifications along with grades, detailed current job description and also highlighting any previous experience with health insurance – public / private.

CV must be legible (font size 11 or larger) and clearly formulated. CV must be drawn up in English language. The CV shall not exceed 4 pages.

NOTE: Only Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the further screening process.

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