COVID-19 Response

Technical Cooperation:

Technical Cooperation: COVID-19 Measurements Under the Indo-German Programme on Universal Health Coverage (IGUHC)
The COVID-19 pandemic strained health systems globally. The escalating demand on healthcare facilities and workers placed immense pressure on health systems, potentially rendering them incapable of functioning effectively. In response, the Government of India established a national task force to coordinate a robust response to confront the escalating threat of COVID-19. The pivotal measure in curbing the local transmission of the virus was empowering citizens with accurate information and urging them to adhere to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW). The Indian government also took assertive measures, including intensified efforts in testing, isolation, treatment, contact tracing, implementing social distancing, travel restrictions, and imposing lockdowns.
The Indo-German Programme on Universal Health Coverage (IGUHC), in collaboration with the National Health Authority (NHA), played a crucial role in supporting activities related to COVID-19 testing, heightening awareness, and preparing for future pandemics. At the state level, the IGUHC specifically focused on states grappling with strained healthcare resources due to the influx of returning migrant workers.
The initiative encompassed the following key activities:
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