Monitoring, Research, Learning & Evaluation

Monitoring, Research, Learning & Evaluation

The effectiveness of strategic policy decisions depends heavily on timely evaluation, research, and monitoring. To guide the strategic design and implementation of the world’s largest health assurance scheme, Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY), GIZ conducts research and evaluation tailored to the policy makers’ needs and ensures a gender lens in all IGUHC research projects.

IGUHC’s monitoring, research and evaluation component uses a policy-driven approach, focused on research utilisation, to advise the government on strategic planning and the implementation of PM-JAY. This means that the national and state policy makers and implementation partners are the primary target group for utilising the research findings. Through a participatory approach, relevant stakeholders are constantly involved in the research process to identify research areas that are most relevant to them.
Further, PM-JAY has monitoring and evaluation systems in place to potentially make mid-course adjustment and to provide information for future strategic directions of the scheme. The strong research capacities and structures allow IGUHC to respond to unforeseen challenges and developments, the latest example being the COVID-19 pandemic.

GIZ Professional Programme for Health Protection

Facilitation of South-to-South cooperation and Global Knowledge Exchange

IGUHC supports collaboration and learning processes, in which international stakeholders discuss experiences with social health protection, pandemic preparedness and Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Thereby, innovative solutions and technologies are shared and co-created across countries.

Dissemination of Evidence-Based Information and Promotion of Learning and Collaboration Between Stakeholders Through:

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