NEWS: GIZ India participates in the National Summit of Health and Population Scientists in Nepal

April 11, Kathmandu: Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) celebrated the 31st glorious year of its establishment on 11 April, 2022. As a part of its continuous efforts to advance scientific merits in health and population research and their use in Nepal, NHRC organized the Eighth National Summit of Health and Population Scientists in Nepal. The eighth Summit was held on 10-12 April 2022 in Kathmandu, Nepal, with the theme “Advancing Health Policy and Systems Research: Lessons for Resilient Health System in Nepal”.
The annual summit provides a platform to researchers, academicians, scientists, practitioners, and policymakers to exchange knowledge, ideas and evidence on health systems, national and international health issues and priorities including lessons from Nepal’s response to COVID-19. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of WHO was the keynote speaker for this year’s summit and several high officials from the Government of Nepal as well as non-government organizations delivered the opening remarks during the Inaugural session on 11th April.
GIZ Nepal in collaboration with GIZ India participated in the high level plenary session one after the inaugural session on April 11, 2022. The session discussed on “Strengthening social health protection in Nepal: the role of evidence towards universal health coverage”. Mr. Amit Paliwal and Dr. Sharmishtha Basu made a presentation on “ India’s Experience on National Health Insurance Research and its Policy Implications” . The presentation highlighted on how Indo-German Universal Health Coverage (IGUHC) project applies a policy-driven, participatory, and highly user-oriented research approach aimed at translating data and evidence into policy-decisions.
It emphasised on the importance of IGUHC’s research and how it positively contributes to evidence-based decision making in high level government agencies. It was shared that how the research undertaken by IGUHC had a major impact on the design and implementation of the new PM-JAY insurance scheme, making it more effective, inclusive and comprehensive; ensuring that no one is left behind. The findings from the presentation were important for Nepal’s health insurance policy which is in its early stages.
The session was followed by a panel discussion under the chairmanship of Dr. Damodar Basaula (Executive Director, Health Insurance Board) and Dr. Shiva Adhikari(Health Economist) with two added panelists Dr. Amit Paliwal (AV, IGUHC, GIZ-India) and Dr. Devi Prasai (Expert on healthcare financing) in addition with distinguished speakers. Mr. Amit Paliwal shared valuable implementation experience of PM-JAY and learnings for Nepal’s health insurance policy and way forward.
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