Conversation series on India’s journey towards UHC & Health System Strengthening

GIZ-IGUHC is all set to launch a conversation series on India’s journey towards Universal Health Coverage and Health System Strengthening. It has been contemplated to engage with relevant stakeholders, discuss new ideas, gain deeper insight and strategize the way forward in India’s journey towards UHC.
India’s quest towards UHC seeks to ensure that all Indians have access to the affordable and quality health care services. India is committed towards achieving UHC as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals. Though there is a widespread support for the idea of UHC, realizing UHC at country level is conscientious and complex process which requires multipronged approach. Successful implementation of UHC reforms is going to require multiple interventions, a curated approach at implementation level and will require individuals, groups, and organizations to work collaboratively toward achieving a complex set of objectives while staying focused on results.
The proposed GIZ-IGUHC conversation series will adopt a multipronged approach of bringing different stakeholders on a platform for brainstorming of existing and new approaches, gaining deeper insights in UHC building blocks, discussing experiences of other countries and strategizing the way forward.
The Series will focus on critical thematic areas in India’s journey towards UHC and proposes to come up with strategy papers that will be useful in India’s UHC journey. These will also aid in making India’s health systems more resilient, inclusive, accountable, and equitable. Moving towards UHC is a journey where voice of every stakeholder is critical and it is crucial not only to rely on strengths of each actor but also in creating synergies amongst various stakeholders.
The kickoff meeting of the Conversation Series, scheduled for December, will finalize the overview and thematic areas for the series and will also chalk out the way forward. Watch this space for more details.
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