Indo-German Programme on Universal Health Coverage (IGUHC)


After having worked in the areas of social health protections during IGSSP, we envisage to bring convergence in various schemes and programmes. It is observed that various schemes/programmes  are operated in silos and lead to fragmentation, often resulting in duplication, inefficiency and also adversely affecting delivery of services. By working closely with the National Health Authority, IGUHC has been able to support convergence efforts while implementing  PM-JAY. The platform of PM-JAY is unique, modular and offers opportunities for convergence, not only for other central government schemes but also for various state government schemes. PM-JAY has already made efforts in this regard by partnering with central government agencies such as ESIC and CAPF by sharing their hospitals and also serving each other’s beneficiaries. Many state government schemes have already been converged with PM-JAY and benefit from having standard empanelment criteria for hospitals, protocols for medical audits, quality standards, provider payment mechanisms, pricing of services, IT systems, fraud control and monitoring parameters etc.