Indo-German Programme on Universal Health Coverage (IGUHC)


The Indo-German Social Security Programme (IGSSP) and the Indo German Programme on Universal Health Coverage (IGUHC) recognize the need for communication and best practice exchange on concrete implementation strategies in the field of social security. Keeping this in mind, the project encourages exchange of information and knowledge sharing with its partners and also the larger population through various intervention measures.

Through the information, education and communication (IEC) component of our programme, we design audience appropriate communication, mainly in context of the overall programme objectives and activities. Most of our dissemination follows a gender-sensitive approach to ensure a positive social environment without discrimination and stigmatization.

While providing technical advise to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in the implementation of PM-JAY, we also support them by working on IEC activities to bring about appropriate behavioural changes among the population regarding the scheme and its benefits. Our support includes design and implementation of beneficiary awareness campaigns, development of communication products showcasing the success of the scheme and use of innovative communication tools for scheme related information dissemination.